Kerstyn Unger

Voice Over

Passionate, dedicated and ready to bring characters to life! Kerstyn is an American based voice actor that has been in the field for five years. She holds experience in video games, animations, and radio. With a vast range at her disposal, her alto voice transcends high and low pitches with ease.

When she is not behind the mic, Kerstyn enjoys drawing, writing & live streaming on Twitch as a Vtuber known as KrowGoes. Her lively and playful personality is a ray of sunshine in any setting.

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Microphone: Stellar X2 Large Capsule Condensor XLR
Audio Interface: SSL2+
DAW: Reaper / RX8 / Audacity
Studio: Sound Treated Space

Connections: Discord, Email


Animation | Defeat the Mario | Kammy Koopa

Video Game | Sinister Within | Cristina Sandu

Video Game | Tuggowar | Tanya, Field Howitzer

Mod | Outcasts & Remnants | Sarah

Mod | Crime & Punishment | Gunner Mechanic & Assistant

Video Game | Iragon | Mindee, Sabine, Jenna, April, Esme, Lexi, Erika, Assassin, Madame, Merchant, Miscellaneous Prostitutes

Mod | Sim Settlements | Katlin

Video Game | Vertex | Announcer, Female Voice Type 01

Dub | ROTTMNT | Karai

Mod | There is No Umbra | Daumbra

Music | Run Away | Chorus

Mod | Serana Dialogue Add On | Serana

Animation | Reclaimer | A.I

Audio Drama | Lost Tides | Rhiannon

Radio | Tier Six Radio | Crowbar Intro Liners

Radio | Giant Media Empire Radio | Crowbar Intro Liners

Video Game | Exospace | Arlene, Carina, Yaoi Shipper, Candle Shopkeeper

Mod | Skin | Diana Dragonslayer

Book Trailer | Vampire's Fall | Akantha

Mod | Legend of the Blue Dragon | Sot Sil

Mod | Citizens of Tamriel | Anya

Mod | Depravity | Raina, Harley, Tina De Luca, Doc Delvin, Aunt May, Amber, Ellie, Kelly, Sergeant Powell

Visual Novel | The Surfeit | Elyssia Elronde, Num Q, Stacy Turnkey, Miscellaneous Females

Mod | Sim Settlements: Conqueror | Sarah, Private Shelby, Cultist Sacrifice, Miscellaneous Raiders

Mod | Flower Girls | Fjola

Mod | Raven of the Reach | Eshne, Ancient Hag

Mod | Skyrim Companion | Faye

Audio Asset | Custom Voice Resource | Female Voice Sets

Animation | Showtime | Presley

Mod | Project Valkyrie | Sarah Lyons, HALLEY

Mod | Project AHO | Galsa Rendo, Midnabi

Animation | Operators | Pilot, Analyst

Animation | Skyrim Macbeth | Lady Macduff

Mod | Skyrim Companion | Kamira

Mod | Jerall Mountain Citadel | Marim, Verette, Lyria

Animation | Genesis Aeterna | Limo Girl

Mod | Skyrim Companion | M.A.R.I

Mod | Immersive World Encounters | Bretons

Mod | Casavir Romance | Aribeth, Eve, Rebekah

Audio Drama | Brown Water |Mama

Mod | Evangeline |Miscellaneous NPCs

Mod | A Feathered Friend |Merete

Mod | The Frontier |Betsy Vertok

Mod | Skyrim Underground |Grinn, Skeleton Maid, Cecilia Motierre

Mod | Castle Albanna |Leala

Mod | Beyond Reach |Blind Priestess, Divine Mara

Mod | Shezzarine & the Fate of Tamriel | Imperial Archer, Magical Thrall, Handmaiden, Imperial Agent, Tree Spirit

Mod | Shumer & The Fall of Allagard | Sisbara, Beria, Hursa, Enamzu, Enakka, Heamanna, Arbasina, Nuurbirda, Eshua, Beira, Sharkala, Nerga, Tabusa, Subirana, Dinha, Bisara, Heamabasa

Mod | Skyrim Companion | Norine

Twitter: KerstynUngerVO
Discord: KerstynUngerVO#2481
Soundcloud: KerstynUngerVO
Twitch: KrowGoes
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